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How do you survive?

You just do.
There is no other choice,
no other viable options.

You throw yourself into it,
head first
and make a mess along the way.
Gain a few too many scars,
break some things,
mend others.

you find yourself with
a couple of friends
and a few precious tools.

You just have to.
You will.

-Michelle K., How Do You Recover? pt. 7 (via michellekpoems)


my mum just told me to “stop being so depressed all the time”


Conversation with my very religious mother

Me:  did you know that it is a sin to where that shirt and you could go to hell?
Me:  I mean it has mixed fabrics.
Me:  According to the bible, that's a sin.
Mom:  show me where it says that
Me:  levictus 19:19  "'Keep my decrees.  “‘Do not mate different kinds of animals.  “‘Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed.  “‘Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.
Mom:  well just because it says that doesn't mean you can say its a sin and we'll go to hell
Me:  so why are people doing that with homosexuality


me: wow this is fucked up
vagina: idk it’s kinda hot :|
me: vagina no
vagina: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"I would ruin myself to fix you."
-One-Liners (via wordsaremywhiskey)




This time last year I was unemployed, broke, and suicidal.

Today, I just got the keys to my first house.

Give it time.

Needed this today

when you hear people preach that it gets better, they aren’t joking. if it’s not better yet, it will be. 

Reblog for the uplifting comments .


A person’s tumblr tells a lot about them. It shows what kind of images they see in their head, who they love, who they hate, even what they think about other people.